I recommend everyone reads the book Mindset by Carol S. Dweck to gain self awareness on this topic and improve their lives.“Attitude is everything” it sounds trite and in my opinion should be changed to mindset is everything. Self awareness is a skillset everyone should be working on daily. Do you expect perfection and want to prove you are so talented that things come easy for you? And what if they don’t? Do you get frustrated and quit trying, make excuses and blame others, moving on to a different activity that can prove your natural talent for success without struggle or much effort? If you believe people are born with a certain intelligence level and either you are naturally smart enough for the Ivy Leagues or you’re not or you are born to be good at certain sports and very little is within your control to change these things you were born with you have a fixed mindset. If you do not enjoy activities that you fail at time and time again, where progress is slow even though growth can be seen if you are paying attention, you fall under the category of a fixed mindset. On the contrary if you thrive on challenges, crave constructive criticism and pride yourself on effort and growth rather than perfectionism and when you fail you don’t feel like a failure of a person you are probably blessed with a growth mindset. The differences the two mindsets have on your life are staggering; In the book Mindset the author points out how people suffering from depression that have a fixed mindset grew more despondent and reclusive, showing more signs of depression and loss of hope compared with depression victims with a growth mindset that grew more determined to confront their problems and work to improve their lives. Our society is constantly talking about how talented an entertainer or athlete is, where as our culture in this country would be better served realizing and applauding the concerted effort successful people put in to reach their level of fame.