At EZ Wrestling Camps we want every attendee to have a safe, memorable and insightful experience; the rules below are put in place to facilitate this. Any suggestions or additions you have for these rules please leave us a note in the comments section.

Coaches and athletes are responsible for their behavior:

  1. 5 minutes early for each session is on time. Try to be on the bus to head off to the ranch 10 minutes before departure time.
  2. No leaving the hotel after 11 pm bed check. Campers can play XBox in their rooms until midnight at a moderate noise level.
  3. No swimming, canoeing or fishing unsupervised in the pool or lake. Any dangerous activity will result in parents being called and the child being picked up. No refunds.
  4. Do not harass the ranch animals.
  5. Any property of Woodside Sports Complex or EZ Wrestling LLC that you damage, you will be responsible for replacing. Coaches will be required to put a credit card on record with facility manager in case of damage. Any extra hotel room cleaning fee’s will be charged to the athlete’s and coaches.
  6. Athletes and Coaches must respect the facilities staff, camp staff and other visitors at camp. If serious problems occur your athlete/s will be asked to leave camp. No refunds.
  7. You will not weigh in your roster, please be truthful and help us with skin checks.
  8. Do not talk while a camp clinician is teaching technique or giving a speech.
  9. Bring your own water bottle for each training session.
  10. An Athletic trainer will be on site, for live wrestling sessions.