On Mother’s Day we would like to take a moment and recognize the most important person behind each wrestler. The person that first signed up their child for wrestling, provided transportation, clean clothes, workout gear, food and an encouraging word at the end of the day. A person with an endless supply of love, kindness and support. Wrestling Mom’s have a servant’s heart, they make their programs fundraisers and events possible, loading down their already hectic schedules to selflessly give more of their lives. They celebrate the victories and see the smiles, but also feel their child’s physical and emotional pain from a loss in competition or a struggle filled practice. I can only imagine the difficulty for a mother to balance the urge to protect their child from pain while also understanding that the struggle wrestling provides will strengthen them for life. The Wrestling Mom’s that preach respect and gratitude for coaches, referee’s and showing good sportsmanship toward opponents are the best, you make a coaches job easier and more gratifying. 

To my Mother that put up with my immature, sore loser mentality through 13 years in the sport, my impatient, irritable attitude during the dieting process; the amazing Mom whom would work all day only to come home for a few moments, to turn right back around and drive 45 minutes, multiple times per week to get me to practices and allow me to chase my dreams, she would fly me halfway across the country for a freestyle tournament I would get pounded at, while never once a complaint that she sacrificed her time to serve my dreams. I was lucky! Moms are our biggest fans, their support and love is unrelenting and cannot be measured in importance. Let’s try to show them today how special they are to us.