Cody Endres

Co-Founder, EZ Wrestling & Life Fundamentals

  • 3 x WIAA State Placewinner: 3rd, 2nd, 2nd

  • Varsity wrestler for UW La Crosse

  • Head Coach of Lodi High School

“Cody believes that wrestling is training for life and while on the surface he is developing wrestlers, his ultimate goal is developing young men and women and empowering them with the traits and skills needed to succeed off the mat. Cody believes that people are formed through the adversity in which they face, and the failures they ultimately work towards conquering.”

My life changed when I attended the WIAA State Wrestling Finals when I was a 7th grader. Prior to that night I was minimally involved in the sport of wrestling, but after sitting in the Kohl Center on the last Saturday in February I knew at that moment my life was about to take a turn. Being in that environment, seeing the emotion, hearing the crowd, watching the wrestlers celebrate after winning I knew my life had found a new purpose, I had a calling that would stick.

From that moment on, for years and years I chased the dream of one day being a state champion. Although I came close three times, I never ultimately achieved my goal, and I was devastated because of it. Thankfully my love of the sport conquered my self pity and I continued to wrestle in college. It was in college that I realized that wrestling was more than a sport, but rather a lifestyle. Although I had felt that passion for wrestling as a 7th grader, it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized that my calling was to help develop young men and women through the sport of wrestling.

As a teacher in the public schools, a religious education teacher, a football coach, and a wrestling coach I have been blessed with opportunities to lead, serve, and mentor today’s youth. I take each of these roles extremely seriously, and I awake each day knowing my purpose, and striving to achieve it. In all the endeavors I have been in, I know that nothing can compare to the experience that wrestling can give a child.

The more time I spend in the great sport of wrestling, the more I realize that the impact I have made on others is too small, and I want to expand myself to reach more wrestlers. Starting EZ, and having the opportunity to lead a club as well as a summer camp has given Nick and I the platform we always wanted, to help the youth. We know we have a lot to learn about ourselves, one another, and the wrestlers we will be fortunate enough to coach, but we also know that we take our roles extremely seriously and desire to be the best mentors to each wrestler that we can be.

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Nick Ziegler

Co-Founder, EZ Wrestling & Life Fundamentals

  • 4 x WIAA State Placewinner: 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd

  • Career record of 173 – 14

  • Youth Coach for Lodi

“Nick believes it’s his life sentence to grow the sport of wrestling, help young people achieve their full potential and care about others more than themselves. He believes many people helped him during his formative years and would like to continue the cycle of paying it forward by letting others know he believes in them and anything is possible in life.”

The leader shows up first and then the cause follows; wrestling provided my life with direction when I needed it most. In middle school I tried five different sports, and I was always getting into trouble in the classroom. It wasn’t until 7th grade that I gained a purpose in my life with wrestling that things started to turn around for me. It started when I began attending spring training sessions in the Badgers Wrestling room. Current college wrestlers at that time spent time talking with me, teaching me and made me feel special, I loved the sense of pride I had at the end of a tough workout knowing I was making progress and seeing the results in competition. Once I got into high school I was truly inspired by my coach, Jack Reinwand, his lifestyle was truly all class and watching him is where I learned a lot about what it means to be a good person. Coach Reinwand instilled in me discipline and a strong sense of self worth, he always said, “A wrestler can do anything.” How true that is.

I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for the older wrestlers and wrestling coaches that took the time to make me feel special. Wrestling is an individual sport, but for some reason it creates the strongest bonds among its participants. The invaluable life lessons and relationships forged transcend the competition outcomes and that’s why I am here. My life was filled with happiness and joy at a young age because wrestling people I looked up to treated me with respect.

I truly believe this sport creates the most supreme individuals, people that are confident, yet humble, tough, but kind and caring, strong willed and growth minded. The more wrestlers the world has the less problems the world will have. Athletes under our tutelage will be encouraged to eat lunch with their classmates that need a friend, respect their elders and represent themselves with the utmost pride. Trust your son or daughter to us and see the change. This is about trying to win all the time, but more importantly it’s about trying to improve all the time in every way possible: in strength, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, and with nutrition. No topic will be left be left untouched, we want our athletes to be more successful after they have hung up their headgear.