Sunday, July 21st, 2019 – Featuring Barry Davis

This camp is for young and beginning wrestlers up to 6th grade; 5 year olds up to 12 year olds that want to learn great technique, get some wrestling experience and have fun at the ranch in between sessions. A parent or two is also encouraged to join for this day camp to learn wrestling skills and drills, spend time with their little wrestler in a fun atmosphere and gain insight and advice from Coach Barry Davis on what parenting methods he saw from parents of successful D1 Wrestlers over his 25 years at the helm of Wisconsin. Camp will be done early enough that any family that wishes to could schedule a horseback ride for $20 per person through Woodside Ranch or spend the night.


Why should you and your child attend this camp?

Summer camp is supposed to be a blast, being on a ranch with horses, fishing, canoeing, swimming and mini golf will be fun and learning wrestling skills with our clinicians is fun. So, we combine the two to ensure your wrestler starts out their wrestling career by associating wrestling as the most enjoyable sport they can participate in. As for the adults that attend this day you will learn cutting edge sports psychology tips on how to talk with and train your child to encourage them to value learning and effort over trophies and achievements. The end game of putting your child into any sport is to teach them life lessons such as delayed gratification, work ethic, self discipline and character building, wrestling is the best teacher of these lessons; early weight cutting, too much emphasis on competition and live wrestling has long term detriment, come learn philosophies to ensure your child isn’t a youth all star wrestler and high school former wrestler.

Hear From Gabe Dean

Gabe’s message is different than most successful wrestlers and that’s why he is the perfect fit for an EZ Wrestling Camp. He personifies the message we want every wrestler that attends one of our camps or sessions to understand: this sport makes you a better human being and no matter your level of success being a good person is the end game.

Camp Pricing


  • Lunch with Coach
  • 2 Technique Sessions with Coach
  • Fun Ranch Activities
  • Mini Golf and Fishing
  • Swimming Pool


  • Lunch and learn with Coach
  • 2 Technique Sessions with Coach
  • Fun Ranch Activities
  • Mini Golf and Fishing
  • Swimming Pool

Camp Schedule 2019

Check in: Woodside Ranch W4015 State Rd 82, Mauston, WI 53948 meet at the gym/barn near the horses.10:30Woodside Ranch Headquarters
Technique Session 1 with 2010 NCAA Coach of the year Barry Davis10:45–12:00Barn
Lunch/Discussion (lunch will be Sub sandwiches, note in your registration if you have special dietary needs)
Fishing, mini golf, Movie theater, swimming and Ranch horse tour or live wrestling/open mats session with counselors for athletes that want more work.
Optional parent session enjoying lunch while getting tips, advice and questions answered by Coach Davis on how to raise a lifelong wrestler and champion of life and the pitfalls to avoid peaking too young!12:15–1:00
Technique Session 2 with Coach Davis1:00–2:30Barn
Live Wrestling and Dodgeball Session2:45–3:30
Feel free to stick around and drill/wrestle with the camp counselors and other athletes or enjoy the many different activities on Woodside Ranch. Horseback riding is an extra fee per person that will need to be scheduled with Woodside Ranch Staff3:30–5:30

(Please note: Schedule is subject to change)

Now Accepting Parent/Child Registrations!

Each athlete attending a training session or camp will need to fill in the forms below and sign your name along with your parent or guardian. If you prefer you may also download, print and fill out the forms on paper and mail them into us at W11567 Reynolds Road, Lodi, WI 53555. Individual athletes without teammates or a coach are still welcome to attend our team camps, please email us at for more information.

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