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Team Camp Rules

At EZ Wrestling Camps we want every attendee to have a safe, memorable and insightful experience; the rules below are put in place to facilitate this. Any suggestions or additions you have for these rules please leave us a note in the comments section. Coaches and athletes are responsible for [...]

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Thank You Wrestling Moms!!

On Mother’s Day we would like to take a moment and recognize the most important person behind each wrestler. The person that first signed up their child for wrestling, provided transportation, clean clothes, workout gear, food and an encouraging word at the end of the day. A person with an [...]

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Growth V. Fixed Mindset

I recommend everyone reads the book Mindset by Carol S. Dweck to gain self awareness on this topic and improve their lives.“Attitude is everything” it sounds trite and in my opinion should be changed to mindset is everything. Self awareness is a skillset everyone should be working on daily. Do [...]

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